What’s with this wind?

This is Australia, the land of the unpredictable.

It’s simple, check the weather before you leave.

Boaties and marine enthusiasts alike wake up across Australia in anticipation of the “perfect” conditions on the big blue. Light winds, low swell and a big bright yellow and gold ring of fire make for the perfect day on the water, no matter where you are.

Before you start your day its important to check the weather for the entire length of your journey or activity. Too many people are getting caught-out half way through a days sailing or fishing, when the winds start to blow and the rain buckets down.

Storm Wind ocean weather australia
Don’t get caught by the weather! Always check before hitting the water.

Is it really worth risking your life for just one fish, one wave or one photo?

Don’t forget, we only have ONE life….. Check the weather forecast before you depart. Have a look at sites such as www.windguru.com for an up to date, accurate forecast and save your life today!

Let’s be honest however, even forecasts can get it wrong. Remember the second rule of getting on the water; always let someone know where and when you are doing so. The last thing you want is to be stuck, caught, lost, broken down, out of fuel, out of food and out in the weather with no-one expecting you to come home soon. If something goes wrong out there, and we really hope it doesn’t, it’s always smart to have piece of mind knowing that friends, family or even sea rescue know what your plans are before you leave. It really is easier to find you when people know where to look!

Finally, as hard as it may be, you can always just not go. As someone a little more famous than us once said; the sun will come out tomorrow. Just wait, you’ll have a much better time!


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