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172 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville Queensland, Australia

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About Us

Eco Noosa is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Arahina Hawkes and Michael Wallent. The couple met 15 years ago in the middle of the ocean in northern Australia. They both had experience in the tourism industry, and a thirst for adventure and travel sent them in search for more. They travelled the globe, working on some of the planet’s finest super yachts and experiencing the best that each destination could offer. They learnt how to provide a great service and of course they kept their eyes open for an opportunity of their own.

Arahina and Michael have always been passionate about the environment and supporting local business. Now with two children, the couple has experienced firsthand the gap that often exists for people at popular destinations; a lack of things to do as a group, or for the kids, that is both different and environmentally friendly. This was the inspiration behind taking on Eco Noosa. But it reaches beyond groups and families; we want everyone to be able to enjoy a unique experience while out in the fresh air.

So join us for a unique and amazing day on the beautiful Noosa River.

Nauticycle Self-Guided Tour

Duration: 30 minutes - 2 hours
Time: 7 am - 5 pm
Capacity: 12 bikes (small, large & medium)
Experience nature, water sports & cycling on the Noosa River


Our Nauticycle water bikes provide a seamless fusion of water sports and cycling, inspiring an easy, fun and safe way to experience the river, with a no-impact approach.

The Noosa River is a diverse waterway that includes breathtaking national parks, quirky jetties and opulent waterfront houses. This tour will provide you with the opportunity to experience a bit of each, as you take the world’s most efficient water bike for a ride around this amazing water way.

One of the things you’ll notice is the huge array of birdlife. Hundreds of Pelicans call this river home, and you’ll be sure to gently cycle past a few within minutes. Keep your eyes open for the majestic White Bellied Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites overhead, or the Great Egret silently fishing in the shallows.

The first part of your tour will take you passed Noosaville’s iconic jetty strip. You can take in the relaxed atmosphere and appreciate the beautiful parklands, clean beaches, unique jetties and quirky houseboats. There’s plenty to do along this strip, and seeing it from the water is the best way to do it. Next you’ll cross the river to the north shore where water-front homes give way to a wild national park that is home to mangrove systems, paper bark forests and towering eucalyptus trees. This is a great place to try and spot wildlife, as you search the shallows for sting rays and schools of fish and look into the bush for birds and kangaroos.

From here you really get to explore and tailor the tour to how you want. You can navigate your way between the sand banks and enter a stunning natural area called the Frying Pan. You may wish to continue further toward the river mouth, or you may choose to pull the bike up onto a secluded beach and stop for a swim and some refreshments. The water is clear, warm, and refreshing toward the river mouth, and can be enjoyed year round.
Once you’ve recharged and are ready to head back, simply jump on your bike and head back to the jetty where the tour began.

Explore the Noosa River with a stand-up paddle board

Looking for a paddle board hire in Noosa? Experience the best that the Noosa River has to offer in a fun, healthy and eco-friendly way with one of our stable and stylish stand-up paddle boards. Bring your friends and family along for a fun day on the water.


Reserve a Noosa kayak hire

Want to spend a relaxing day on the Noosa River? Reserve a single or double kayak and create your own Noosa River cruise!

Kayaking is an easy, fun and safe activity that everyone can enjoy. Our kayaks are stable and come with all the necessities for fishing if that’s your thing. Paddle alone, or join a friend in a double.


Stylish luxury boat hire in Noosa

Our stylish and luxuriously appointed boats are the perfect way to renew your spirit. Enjoy a peaceful cruise, brunch or afternoon drinks on the Noosa River, all in the comfort and quiet of an electrically powered vessel, ensuring an environmentally friendly experience.

The possibilities are endless, but at least you know you’ll enjoy it with protection from the sun, a soft seat and with up to eight people on board. These boats are self-drive, with no recreational boat license required, so you can relax during your fun outing on the Noosa River.

Reserve your luxury boat hire and explore the Sunshine Coast in style.


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